Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEIC remains closed for the foreseeable future. We will reassess our ability to reopen after summer 2021. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our part to keep our workers and visitors safe and healthy during this pandemic.

The Visitors Center is open to school groups by appointment only. The Visitors Center offers students an interactive energy adventure that allows them to Discover the Nature of Power. The experience can be tailored to students from grade school to college. The centerpiece of the center is a 26-foot 3D rotating model of the plant that shows the intricate workings of DC Cook nuclear power plant.

Other features of the visitors center include: an interactive electricity generation station where students power lights by peddling a bicycle to turn a generator; exploration of transmission and distribution and how electricity travels to the homes and businesses that use it; an interactive game called chain reaction tag which allow students to visualize how chain reactions are important in nuclear power production; and finally a scavenger hunt that allows students to explore and learn more about nuclear power generation.

To submit a request for a group visit head to our online booking page.

Please note: When a request is submitted the system will send a confirmation email letting you know it was sent to us for review. This is not a confirmation of booking. A member of the Cook Communications team will review the request and reach out via email to finalize details and confirm the visit request. Questions about the request process can be emailed to


Besides being emission-free, the nuclear industry is committed to protecting the environment. Cook cares about southwest Michigan.