The Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant is located on the coast of Lake Michigan near Bridgman, Michigan. It is owned by American Electric Power (AEP) and safely operated by Indiana Michigan Power (I&M).

D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant gets its name from the late Donald C. Cook. He was born in Michigan and worked for AEP 23 years. He was AEP’s chairman when he retired in 1976.

Cook Nuclear Plant has two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors that are licensed to operate until 2034 and 2037. At full power, both reactors produce a combined 2360 megawatts (MWe) [Unit 1: 1120 MWe, Unit 2: 1240 MWe] of electricity which is enough to supply power to approximately 1.5 million homes (a city the size of Detroit, MI).

Unit 1 primarily services Southwest Michigan and Unit 2 services Norwest/Central Indiana (as far south as Fort Wayne, IN).

DC Cook Fact Sheet


From late spring to early fall, Cook has a high-tech weather buoy in Lake Michigan that makes extensive weather and water data available to the public online or by text. The buoy can transmit air temperature, wind speed and direction, water current speed and direction, wave height and water temperatures at several depths below the surface. Still images and video clips are taken once each hour and can also be accessed online to see the exact conditions out on the lake.

Information about the buoy and a link to real-time data is available at http://bit.ly/cookbuoy and www.CookInfo.com.

You can also text 45026 to 734.418.7299 or dial-a-buoy at 888.701.8992 station 45026 for the latest conditions.


Safe nuclear operations starts with the extensive training of our operators.